Venison Processing

Venison Processing

Deer Drop Off Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Deer Pickup Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Closed 12-1 Daily for Lunch

Standard Processing Fee: $105.00

Additional Fees:

Add Pork or Beef Trimmings: $5.00
Cape Mounts: $50.00
Deer Gutting $100.00 + proccessing
Hide: $15.00
Grind and Package Only: $.65/lbs. (+Handling Fee $5.00)
Horn Removal $5.00

Fresh Sausage

Breakfast sausage 2.00 lb.
Breakfast links 3.00 lb.
Fresh Brats 3.50 lb.
With cheese 4.00 lb.


Summer Sausage: $14.00/4lb Stick
w/Cheddar Cheese: $18.00/4lb Stick
Jalapeno Sausage: $14.00/4lb Stick
w/Pepper Jack Cheese: $18.00/4lb Stick

Snack Sticks

Teriyaki Sticks: $24.00/5lb Bag
Honey BBQ Sticks: $24.00/5lb Bag
w/Pepper Jack Cheese: $28.00/5lb Bag
Hunter Sticks: $24.00/5lb Bag
w/Cheddar Cheese: $28.00/5lb Bag
Pepper Sticks: $24.00/5lb Bag
w/Pepper Jack Cheese: $28.00/5lb Bag
Jalapeno Sticks: $24.00/5lb Bag
w/Pepper Jack Cheese: $28.00/5lb Bag


Regular Jerky: $9.00/lbs. (wet)
BBQ Jerky: $9.00/lbs. (wet)
Other Smoked Items:
Venison Hams: $15.00 ea.
Corned Venison: $6.00 lb.
Vienna's: $6.00 lbs.
Bacon $3.00 lbs