Skip the grocery store when buying meat for you and your family – check out the fresh selection at Johnston’s Meat Company!

Look forward to a lunch with sliced meat and cheese from our butcher shop’s deli section. Your stomach will thank you later!

Shop at Johnston’s Meat Company for specialty meats. Your family will enjoy smoked turkey or jerky without worrying about preservatives!

Come to Johnston’s Meat Company for Quality Meats in the Peck, MI Area

Prepare a delicious meal with our Michigan-made products

Are you ready for family dinners filled with fresh meat you’ll drool over? Shop at Johnston’s Meat Company, based in Peck, Michigan, for food products that make your taste buds explode with joy. Our butcher shop mainly sells:

  • Deli meats and cheeses
  • Fresh meats
  • Specialty meats
  • Slaughterhouse cut sheets

Whichever meat you choose to prepare a meal with, you’ll be happy with the results. Call 810-378-5455 today to learn more about our meat!

Purchase fresh and specialty meats

Fresh or specialty meats at Johnston’s Meat Company will help you create the ultimate dish. Regardless of which type you choose, you can count on having quality meat in all of your meals when you shop at our butcher shop. We’re Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certified, and we’re inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture. Come in right away to fill your refrigerator with fresh meats that fully satisfy your appetite.

Choose how your meat is cut

You have the option to purchase cut sheets at our slaughterhouse in Sanilac County. You can decide the cuts you want from our butcher to fit your family’s needs. Know exactly where the meat you’re eating is coming from. Check out our slaughterhouse today to purchase meat that’s cut to your specifications.

Prestigious Awards

Prestigious Awards

2014 Awards:

  • Grand Champion Snack Stick - Beef BBQ Snack Stick
  • First Place Bacon - JMC Original Bacon
  • First Place Whole Muscle Jerky - BBQ Pork Jerky
2013 Awards:
  • Grand Champion Jerky - BBQ Turkey
  • Champion Bone-In Ham - Old Fashioned Ham
2011 Awards:
  • Grand Champion Jerky - BBQ Pork Jerky
  • Champion Smoked Fish - Smoked Salmon
2010 Awards:
  • Grand Champion Snack Stick - Beef BBQ Snack Stick
  • First Place Smoked Fish - Smoked Salmon
2009 Awards:
  • First Place Speciality Products - Venison Original Jerky